OSSTF announces job action Nov. 26

Posted On Friday November 22, 2019

Friday, Nov. 22, 2019 – The Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation of Ontario (OSSTF) has announced that its members across Ontario are ready to begin administrative job action starting Tuesday November 26, 2019.

OSSTF has said its members may be set up information pickets before or after school, or during lunch periods, along with other actions outlined on OSSTF’s website: https://www.osstf.on.ca/en-CA/news/mr-nov-21-2019.aspx

Contract talks between OSSTF and the Ministry of Education are currently taking place at the central bargaining table in Toronto. The Thames Valley District School Board is hopeful that a provincial agreement can be reached prior to the start of job action. 

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) announced earlier that its members across Ontario are ready to begin a work-to-rule job action, also starting Tuesday, November 26, 2019.

More details about ETFO’s job action may be found on its website: https://etfocb.ca/strike-protocol-work-to-rule-phase-1/

If job action commences, all schools will remain open and teachers and administrators will continue to be focussed on supporting the learning needs of students. 

Thames Valley places a high priority on the safety of students and is confident that OSSTF and ETFO members will continue to put student safety first. 

Parents and Guardians will be provided with the latest updates as needed on Thames Valley school websites and on social media channels.


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